How to install and Download Office Jerk apk

Works very well on my Phone, I really like the game,Why are there no daily challenges like the iphone?? I have the htc inspire, works great just wish it had the same features as iphone ugh. and when I paid $1.99 to buy more items to throw, after two weeks, I still haven't been credited! I have not been able to find a way to contact them either!!! Update: finally bought papayas to buy items, and I have 400 left. After the last update, lo and behold, you now need COINS to buy crap to throw! Update 2: I paid for no ads and have the cup to prove it. Now, with the latest update, I have flipping ads again! No more money from me until fixed.

How to install and Download Cut the Rope: Experiments apk

The original game ate up a lot of my time when I first bought it, and playing through the first few stages brought back memories of that time. It's tougher, yes, and it's definitely not for the faint-hearted (the game assumes a certain level of familiarity with the gadgets used in the first game), but it allows new players to get up to speed in no time with the familiar hint system. I just wish that there were some higher-res graphics for tablets, but even without that, this game just rocks!

How to install and Download Tiki Kart 3D apk

Good, but not perfect. I enjoyed the challenge, but it seemed that every time the computer disappeared or blew up, it would magically pop in front of me. And the steering needs work, it feels like no matter where you are, you're driving on ice. Alot of comments in the market you see from bad reviewers are because they have a cheap device. My phone renders this game well at 60fps overclocked at 1.83 ghz, with everything running smooth. So if your experiencing crashing its your phone, not the game. Overall tho this game is bland with unpolished & glitchy controls. May be fun for some, Overall, a nice game

How to install and Download Photon apk

This game is great crazy paced fun! It took me but a minute to get the game mechanics and then the fun was full throttle! Tilt screen from side to side to jostle things around and connect same colors, using the clear ones to fill between colors... I'm going to stop writing and return to playing... So much fun! I LOVE IT! I think the whole thing is just awesome, like movable jewels. Idk why the bad ratings in the marlet, most people who experience problems with the newer games is because of there phones.. upgrade please, stop hating.

How to install and Download Easy Downloader apk

Downloaded about 3 weeks ago and finally tried it, works great! Took me a minute to figure out where the file got stored. Created my own separate folder on the external SD card to keep track of my downloads to do a back up. Program will not work on its own unless you downloading something and using it by default. Works as promised. Those with small data plans, use WiFi connections when downloading large files or get download happy. if you use it to download music it won't be in your library, it will be stored in separate folder, needs a option to move it to music library

How to install and Download Angry Birds Space apk

Just as addicting as the other Angry Birds. Plays smoothly on Droid Charge, unless I have dying battery, then it skips. Don't feel this is design flaw, just takes a lot of juice to run correctly. I have this game on both my thunderbolt and my pc. I've found some levels to be easier to play without ads on the pc, and these levels pop up ads on my phone. I'd be willing to spare up to 4 extra bucks for an ad removing upgrade, if that's possible. Otherwise it works fine love the new sounds and music. amazing game. Love it, can't put it down! Samsung galaxy.

How to install and Download Super Monkey Ball 2 apk

I jumped at the chance to have this game on android, it was great fun on the gamecube. The frame rate is great on my phone (Acer Liquid E), and controls well. Comes with 125 levels, looking forward to playing them all. If you have troubles with the installer, be patient, it eventually works. My phone got stuck on the "installation" part, so I turned off and on the phone, and the app had installed correctly. Then I started the app, and it started downloading the extra files, but complained it was out of roo

How to install and Download Whale Trail apk

I never thought a game with only one "button" could be this much fun! Since I downloaded this last month I've been playing pretty much every day, there's something about the music and the trippy visuals that make it impossible to put down. Haven't been this addicted to a phone game since Angry Birds. Beautiful trippy graphics, challenging (but not impossible) gameplay. Runs perfectly on Droid Razr Maxx. My only suggestion would be to add some more songs... the main theme song is good but gets really old after the zillionth time.

How to install and Download Beer Pong HD apk

Have had this game awhile and great on those two phones. Now great on Samsung galaxy nexus ics 4.0.2. It is a fun game especially because its beat Jk LOL! It Is a fun game pretty cool so step right up . Give it a chance right???? But no incentive to keep playing. No stat building, same 2 opponents, same scene, no rebuttal or rule variance, no ability to increase or decrease power of shot. Good skins though. Wish lots would play the whole game and not skip out. Still uninstalling though.

How to install and Download Dude Perfect apk

to be an option, at least to view them or even better to save them. Nothing sucks more than doing an amazing shot but can't share it with other people you are competing against. Other than that, game is actually really fun. Controls aren't as bad as people say, you put your finger on screen and as you slide down you adjust the angle upwards. Feels natural to me for these type of games, but I suppose some will disagree. Either way, its not hard to get used to and the game is definitely worth a buck.

How to install and Download Froad apk

I haven't played this long yet but I found it very cute and entertaining. Very pleased with everything so far. challenging little game. But pollushot is better! Please make a sequel :) i love it :) everyone download pollushot it's amazing. And yoyo, your games are worth alot more than you charge, i really appreciate any publisher that stays away from digital item purchases, because it's disgusting! This froad is an excellent game, but I'd say better suited to younger folks than myself. Gets 5 stars anyway.

How to install and Download Dead Space apk

The first time around on PC. The second one on PS3. Now on my phone too. In terms of gameplay, on par with its PCs and consoles' counterparts. And playing this on Galaxy Note is such divine pleasure -- for its big screen and all. Graphics are sharp. Sound is pretty good. Atmosphere is immersive. Controls need some getting used to but definitely not quantum physics. Thirty minutes and no problem in hacking limbs and slashing those bloody necromorphs out of my way. To top it all, this one is scary too! Great job EA. My hard earned dough well spent.

How to install and Download Siine Keyboard apk

Auto correct needs work, and needs user defined library. The vibration option for the keyboard feels akward in my opinion. The quick phrases or siines as I think they are called, are great, but are executed in an disorganized fashion, it would be great to be able to sort them into groups (like car, and business, flirty, etc.) The layout itself looks great, but needs a shift option and needs a back to text keyboard option. Will keep around for a while and hope that some of these issues will be adressed.

How to install and Download Talking Pierre the Parrot apk

Talking Pierre is a very energetic and lively parrot, who lives in Talking Tom's kitchen. He's still a teenager and he likes to cause as much noise and destruction as possible. ;-) PLEASE NOTE: When running the app for the first time you will be required to download additional 4-26 MB to get the best graphics quality for your device. When you talk to Pierre, he doesn't just repeat your words ... being a parrot, he remembers what you said previously and repeats it later at random. Thus he combines different parts of your sentences to create new funny ones.

How to install and Download Pool Master Pro apk

This one of the better pool games out on the Android market that is also in the free description. What really turned me on to this pool game is that you can adjust the 'english' on the que ball. For people that are "pool virgins" the 'english' is where you hit the que ball with the stick. Wether you hit it on the top which will give it a top spin or the bottom and that will give it backward spin or from side to side is up to you. When the que ball is spinning it will move slightly different. and The computer cheats too much on hard level. It takes the competitiveness out of the game.

How to install and Download C.H.A.O.S apk

I bought the game just thinking, what the hell is just 1 dollar....this has got to be amongst the top 10 games in the market...I have played quite a few on the android market and this is the best heli game so far. multi player mode is extremely addictive. fun controls need some time to get used to. I thought it would be a slow glitchy game with subparagraph graphics. But I was def impressed.