How to install and Download GT Racing apk

Alright, so it's not quite like playing a PC or console sim with a force feedback wheel :), but considering the platform I'm thoroughly impressed. So much that I'm willing to invest a bit of money in it, which unfortunately doesn't seem to work at the moment - I've gotten unsuccessful transaction messages both times I've tried, after waiting a pretty long time for the processing. I guess there's no choice but grinding races for rewards until that's fixed. but Cannot progress in this game without throwing in a TON of real money to buy better cars.

How to install and Download Asphalt 5 HD apk

Gave it a try and liked it very much . Controls worked way better than expected, and its very fun and challenging. Just wish there was an option to tone down the graphic detail . and The cars seem to be very controllable. Only problem is when I exit, I get a message of force close. but the sound seem to go every now and again. Otherwise superb. will this is as far one of the most impressive games developed

How to install and Download Order and Chaos apk

I'm amazed as to how WOW-esque this game is... Its in depth, the controls are as good as i could ask for for such a game... on a PHONE! So fun, ive already wasted several hours on it, and im sure many more will be wasted. 6.99 for 3 months(at least) of great gaming on my phone is a no-brainer. One MAJOR problem though... you CAN NOT play cross platform, with people on iOS, or with the facebook version. but I should be able to play with people on iOS. That's actually half the reason i bought the game, but it just doesn't work as far as i can tell.

How to install and Download Brothers In Arms 2 apk

A ported game that plays well compared to other free FPS games currently available. Graphics still look good even though it shows its age. Sound is also good, but can be repetitive. Touch controls are known to be horrible for FPS games, and this one is no exception. This game will require a lot of adjustments & patience to get used to the virtual control sticks. Campaign will take you thru the game's good supply of missions. Getting better weapons/items will require a lot of dedication & time. Multiplayer is a plus,

How to install and Download N.O.V.A. 2 HD apk

I bought this game on sale at 99c om my wife's Nexus S, as the version in the market is not compatible with my phone which is a Galaxy S2. I went to look on their website to find out if they were planning to update it with support for the Galaxy S2, and to my surprise I found that they already have done so. This was also confirmed through Samsung's Game Hub, which sells the same game from Gameloft. I sent them a mail asking about this, and next day I got a response with link for SGS2 version of the game. :)

How to install and Download Modern Combat 2 apk

Snagged this a while back just because I was curious to see how a game like this would play. I was blown away with how good it looked on my T-Mobile G2 (HTC-Vision) and how responsive the controls were. Aiming I would say is better than any console shooter as it more mimics a mouse (really touchpad tbh). The bummer about it, is I was looking to download to my Eee Transformer, and the game's not compatible. Looked for another shooter like it and all I found was NOVA2; same company, also incompatible. =(

How to install and Download Real Racing 2 apk

Great looking cars and tracks, and game play looks to be spot on - but I only get to play for a minute or so before it crashes back to the launcher on my SGS2. Latest update allows me to get a little further around the track before crashing. I wonder if anyone got to complete a complete race on the Galaxy S2, if so, maybe my ROM version contains a bug? Shame its not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 either - otherwise I'd be playing on there now! oh and The game is actually 1.07GB and not around 600mb as suggested. Besides this game play is excellent.

How to install and Download Asphalt 6 apk

Picked this up on the Daily Dime Deals the other day . After downloading it and waiting till i had a wifi connection (and thus going over the refund period) it says it's not compatible with my DesireZ.. however i did not give up and after connecting to a different wifi connection, it worked just fine.. I guess there's some type of bug(?) that in certain instances where the wifi connection is not good, it tells you it's not compatible with your device.. so if you have this problem i suggest you try a different wifi connection.. it is working perfectly fine on my phone now..

How to install and Download BackStab HD apk

Galaxy s 2 if your phone tells you You're device is not compatible go to your phone settings and go to manage apps. Find the app and move app to sd card. go back to the game then connect to WI fi and press download. It should start downloading. This game is like Asassins creed! Except your a betrayed red coat coming back for revenge! Great phone game psp graphics! Any walls are climbable! You climb walls run on roof tops and have tons of sword fights. And you have a pistol! great game must have! Good story!

How to install and Download Modern Combat 3 apk

This game is amazing for a phone! But needs fixes. Needs to be more sensitive, it takes about 4 or 5 swipes with my thumb just to turn around even with sensitivity set all the way up. Kinda makes multi player unplayable. Also it seems that when ever there is talking in the game the aiming movement just stops and it takes a couple taps of the thumb to get it to respond again. Also think it would be much nicer if they incorporated running into the joystick somehow. and the position of shooting touch button, it's too central, it needs to be more to one side.

How to install and Download Shine Runner apk

Let's get one thing straight, this is not a big game, and it will not blow your mind. But there is one thing this game does truly well, it is in keeping with the hardware in question and it keeps everything really simple. With no complex controls it is ideally suited to a touch screen interface. One thing is odd though, it is really two games in one just loosely coupled together. On the one hand you have a classic arcade racer, and on the other a trading game like Drugwars, albeit, incredibly simplified. Also take note, you will need a truly fast phone to get it to have a decent frame rate without lowering the resolution considerably.

How to install and Download NFL Pro 2012 apk

You have to pay for just about every play. You have to pay for medium and long passes. You have to pay for defence. You have to pay to use each and every Playbook. If you want strategies you must pay. Whenever you take your turn you are presented with plays and playbooks that you are told you have to pay to use. Unless you want to play free using all short passes and no strategies you must pay. Worse than world of Warcraft. Zero points from me. You spend all your time wondering what you have to buy just to play.

How to install and Download Smurfs' Village apk

Fell in love with this game after sawing it on my friend's iPhone as they already have the Christmas update since Nov. Was slightly disappointed when Android version did not have it then, but I'm ecstatic that the update is finally here! The time of the day update was also very welcomed, as the smurf village is very pretty at night too, with all the snowing going on. Lovely~ I wasn't able to find my friends who already have this game on their iPhone though, even after logging in to FB. the game Very fun but takes too long to advance.

How to install and Download Guns'n'Glory apk

Wow. What a blast. Not like boring defense games where you sit back and do nothing. This game puts you into the action! plus This is the first tower defense game that I have played where your "towers" (gunslingers) can move after you buy them. The controls can be a little difficult at times when you try to select a gunslinger that is right next to another, but overall this is not a huge detriment. The controls are pretty intuitive once you get used to playing. overall Well polished gameplay with hours of fun. Bit fiddly on a small phone, but the HD version is excellent.

How to install and Download Sprinkle Junior apk

Great idea, high quality graphics and good physics. I just love Sprinkle, and was excited to see this game. My 4yo loves it. He finds Sprinkle a bit tricky, but Sprinkle Jr is great for him. No challenge for adults, but it is a kids game. I hope we can look forward to more levels in updates, description should specify for kids 3-6. Would be a 5 stars for that age group and you should know before you buy. but i give it 5 stars in the market anyway. Especially because not an agressive/destructive game. Highly recommended for kids.

How to install and Download Sleepy Jack apk

Another gem by Silvertree! . I've had Cordy for a while which is great fun so thought I'd get this when it was on offer. Glad I did great little game. At first it made me super dizzy but then I got used to it and its FRICKIN' AWESOME. Good control options, Amazing graphics, butter smooth gameplay and response, very relaxing yet challenging, and great for all ages! I'm sure everyone else looks forward future games. Great Job SilverTree. i will be playing this every day and night for the foreseeable future! Highly recommended.

How to install and Download Tank Riders apk

The graphics are smooth, and the game is fun in general. runs well on galaxy s vibrant.multi player is a great option. it have good music and feel to it, Buggy controls though. Controls are terrible on tablet. Create a fixed position right hand (optional left) firing pad so the direction of tap from the center of the pad is the direction of firing. This would make the game controls at least twice as efficient.

How to install and Download FRONTLINE COMMANDO apk

Played one level. Great graphics. Fun gameplay. It reminds me of both Contact Killer games. I thought this was a 3rd person adventure shooting game. But it not. BUT it still an awesome game. I wish the move button wasn't so close to the change weapon button. Keep hitting it accidentally. Love the weapon options and the ability to duck and cover. Aiming can't keep pace with the action though. Still a lot of fun.

How to install and Download MADDEN NFL 12 apk

After trying to get it to download for a few days, I got desperate and checked the app setting for Android Compatibility Mode just to see what would happen and it worked. Doesn't make sense. Maybe just coincidence. At any rate the game is pretty good but will take a while to learn and gain skill. I never did get a response as promised in the EA support e-mail response: "Someone will contact you in 24 hours". Right.

How to install and Download Air Penguin apk

Simple, Nice Graphics, Addictive, In Air Penguin THEY GOT IT ALL!!!! really simple to play and very addictive. The game is alright but it does diffidently not grab my attention as Angry Bird did and still does as the critics say. I gave it three stars since I got board of it after a few levels, they were fun to play, I think My lil cuzin loves it! and my boys love it though, my wife sure does like it, and because of that I will throw in one more star in the market. It works great on my Galaxy S2 and my wife's HTC Inspire.

How to install and Download Jelly Defense apk

You can see the developers spent quite a bit of effort into making this game look good. However as far as tower defense games go, it's really sub-par. First off, I always knock a star off from any TD game that makes me collect coins (or points, or whatever). If you think the point of TD is to tap on (or swipe) the screen as fast possible to collect coins before they disappear then you shouldn't be making a defense game. Go make a kids game. and you can't turn off the sound effects. I want to listen to music not the ingame sound

How to install and Download Can Knockdown 2 apk

Fun, but there is not one single thing that is "sniper" about this game. It needs an easier tap-to-throw option in addition to the difficult and overly-touchy flicking method. Once you play enough and the neatness wears off, you're left with a game that merely frustrates you rather than entertains you. Overall, the game is fun, but it wears off quickly when you realize you need to tolerate frustration in order to get better at the game, only to ultimately face the fact that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How to install and Download Toki Tori apk

Fun little time waster with intuitive controls. I initially played this on the Wii, but the Android port lives up to the console version. The later puzzles are complex enough to be challenging but not so complex that you can't plan out a solution ahead of time with a little thought. The controls are so intuitive that you rarely notice them.but this game Graphics are a bit low quality and very pixelated, and needs exit button!! could well be an angry birds killer! in the future

How to install and Download Alien Rescue apk

Pure awesome!!! Love the idea and gameplay. excellent graphics and fun gameplay, some original elements too like the tractor beam and powerup combinations. open feint support is also nice The sound of the old cowboys shooting at you...priceless :). Addictive. but a little bit harsh on the processor at some points. Navigating your ship can be tough because well, you're keeping your finger on it. and the programming is shrewd and challenging, keeping you alert and entertained. have fun

How to install and Download Special Enquiry Detail apk

Its a really really good game and I enjoyed it. This app has layers and that hasn't been executed with any other app until now. Outstanding! Although the graphics aren't as good as the Mystery of the Crystal Portal. I wish it didn't get so fuzzy when I zoomed in . but anyway. I don't even feel like finishing it because its repetitive! If it had more things to d other then "finding objects" then I would give 5 stars in the market but now i only give it 3

How to install and Download Drag Racing apk

GREAT GAME!!!! when i look for fun games i usually press install from the computer android market then as it is downloading on my phone i look for more potential games when the download is done i play the game or app for a little bit (usually 2-3 minutes) to explore the app/game and see whats inside for you so i don't end up giving you a shirty app/game. anyway i downloaded this game at 8pm when i went to "check it out" time flew i had to stop playing because my hands where in pain from holding my phone i wrote this post after its now 10:33

How to install and Download Alchemy ~ Genetics apk

I love the original Alchemy, but I don't like the interface for this game. Its too cartoony. Screen needs more room.but very addicting for a few hours then kinda dull, but a few hours is all the fun most ppl need to get of a game incuding me. We should be able to move animals and game not think we're trying to combine. i give it 4 stars in the market but that just my opinion .

How to install and Download Doodle God apk

very entertaining lots of combos n keeps u guessing. I love the option to play on Easy, since, unlike God and Devil, the combos aren't intuitive. i just hate how we have energy I mean ur playing as GOD!!! How does he get tired lol. I wish there was more to tell you except This game is so freakin fun!! Il give it more then 5 stars in the market if I could

How to install and Download World of Goo apk

One of the best games in recent years. This game is worth every penny. Near perfect in all aspects. had played this on my PC when it came and always thought it would be great for smartphones. There is a progression from start to finish in terms of the difficulty of the levels so that, in most cases, the next level is a bit harder than the previous one. This game has kept me up for quite a few nights, and I would happily play it over from the beginning again. the music is well composed and there is actually a story behind the puzzles. Played on the Galaxy sII.

How to install and Download Clouds and Sheep apk

Good game no doubt. it's The first game I haven't gotten sick of since dynamite fishing. great design, sheeps are so cute, sound are perfect. However after hours of playing (level 21) it became a little bit boring. when u play u get into their life, u take care of all their needs, feel bad when a sheep died, and feel happy after mastering a challenge.. it is still about the same, there is nothing new in new levels, nothing happening... still the same tasks, nothing new in the shop.. and i hop they get rid of that annoying message to give them 5 stars in paid version!

How to install and Download THE GAME OF LIFE apk

Yes it's fun, but I definitely need to see it on Tablets. The multiplayer also needs some help. Right now it's pass to friends, and "Share the wealth" cards are used automatically, so you can't strategically use them in multiplayer games (you can in solo games). Other then those two gripes (tablet support, better multiplayer), it's absolutely a great game. oh and it Would be better if I could pick my own name and play online with others. Other than that its a fun past time

How to install and Download SHADOWGUN apk

Finally, an incredible console like gaming experience for my Galaxy Tab 10.1! It's even better with a gamepad (I use an Xbox 360 USB controller), but the onscreen controls are the best I have found in a game like this. Developers should follow Madfinger's example, Android users are hungry for awesome gaming just like this. If anyone else is having problems with the controls after the latest update, (may have been just me), the developer contacted me and said to go to settings and check the control configuration. Sure enough, it was fixed after adjusting.

How to install and Download Reckless Racing apk

extremely fun to play, addicting. Multiplayer is a lot of fun. Works really well with Xperia Play controls...removes on-screen controls when using with an Xperia Play which is great. I Highly recommend it to anyone who likes racing games. Fyi you can play with frinds that have it on an Iphone. but doesn't take too long to complete however, but its one of those games you can easily just keep coming back too. The graphics are great for a phone, it really shows the power of mobiles these days.

How to install and Download Voxer Talkie-Walkie apk

I don't normally care to download a lot of apps, but I'm glad I got this one! The best way to get the most out of it is to sync it with your Facebook account and if any of your "friends" have it they'll automatically show up on your buddy list. And it's so simple hold the button and talk. A friend of mine and I discovered we could each hold the button down at the same time and talk with each other. It's a great way to save yourself some minutes too!! but sometimes the message takes too long to receive & it sometimes doesn't receive at all. Aweomsome app!

How to install and Download Flick Soccer apk

Better than others, doesn't crash, bit slow to load but addictive and varied enough to keep you coming back. Not bad at all! Well wroth the 0.99c. I'm playing it a lot trying for better scores. Just a little slow to load.

i traid it on my Sensation and it Works perfectly , much better than Flick Kick Football! and as good as (like NFL Flick Quarterback!)

oh and this game Requirements is Android 2.1 and up

How to install and Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit apk

Have played this on PS3 as well as other mobile devices. Getting some chop in the audio, and some long load times in splash screen. But im blown away with how nice it is to play. and graphics are excellent, Sounds and game idea are nice but 500 MB !! download showed on the first screen is a joke !! That's probably also reason why the game is so resource intensive . Dont get me wrong, nice game but it uses to much resources in order to run smooth. but Android has so few top quality games and this is one of theme.

How to install and Download flick golf apk

Bought this on the 10c app deal and loving it. The scenery for each golf course is really quite something, with the water reflections, snowy mountains in the background, etc. Game also puts an interesting twist on the typical golf game: instead of just a simple "aim and shoot", here you aim, shoot, then flick as many times as you like to "tweak" your ball in the right direction.Works phenomenally well on my Xoom. My only gripe, and it's mostly tongue in cheek, Stonebow Ridge!!! 20,000 points in 80 seconds!?!?!?

How to install and Download color & draw apk

I've downloaded a lot of colouring games for my 3.5 year old but I'd have to say this is one of the better ones. She loves that she can use "stickers" too! it's a Pretty solid little app. Runs smoothly, looks great, but it is sorely lacking the ability to store it on the sd card. An app this size not including the option to move to SD is unforgivable. Is developer incompetent or just doesnt care? any way it's a Pretty solid little app. Runs smoothly, and looks great. My daughter loves it. and that's all that matter