How to install and Download The Oregon Trail: Settler apk

Going in to it I was disappointed to see the similarities the game has to most social games. The most obvious being an energy bar that if u want u can pay to get more. But after leveling up a bit and seeing the amount of energy my character has and that there is a fast recharge rate....well I cant complain. Its a fun little game much in the same class as sim city without the tax system. Worth giving a try if u like stragety or simulation games and its a decient follow up to the old Oregon trail game.

How to install and Download STARDOM: THE A-LIST apk

This is seriously an AWESOME game! Got this game yesterday and I'm already at level9. I didn't actually think I'd like it because I'm not into these types of games, but it's so well designed! And very addicting! :P You seriously should get it now; this game's so good I guarantee it won't be free for long. Although the Only thing I'm not crazy about is how long it takes to refill energy and that everything requires it...and that you never know hoe much ur gonna get before it stops refilling and it is not easy to add real friends.. But I adore it!! . If you dont download this your crazy!

How to install and Download AutoCAD WS apk

Didn't really get the point of this app at first and I don't have any real design experience, but this app seems to have real promise in the future. I'd like to be able to zoom through solids in 3D renderings, and move the image simultaneously on two axes(multi touch) the down side is you cannot Create new files only edit and share. and loading small file is great, but larger file takes more time way more. but once opened, it is a breeze. there is room for improvement for sure.

How to install and Download The Lost City apk

the graphics in this game are stunning! Navigating this world and solving the puzzles was very fun and soothing. Loads quickly and smoothly . Everything I would want in an adventure game, except it's too short. Loved Grisly Manor; loved this too. Reminds me a lot of the Myst games. The puzzles are varied, and difficult without being annoyingly so. A lot of walking around required, but when I found the map it made things a lot easier ;) Gorgeous graphics too. Well done developers - can't wait for the next one! :)

How to install and Download Baseball Superstars 2012 apk

Baseball Superstars was a great franchise. Then they changed their business model. BS2012 has the same garbage setup as BS2. Instead of paying $5 for a whole game (like BS2009, 2010, and 2011), now the download is free and they nickel and dime you on in-app purchases (like BS2). What used to be a really fun series is ruined by this new model. If you don't start spending money on G Points and other in-app purchases your players can't keep up .Without spending any money my batter has gone from 1.013 OPS and 13 HR my first season to .804 and 9 HR to .679 and 3 HR over three seasons.

How to install and Download Tom's Love Letters apk

Gotta love anything with cats involved. And giving Tom's girlfriend the name ★Angela★ was totally inspired ;-) it's the Cutest thing that was ever on my phone !!! I like this app because when you take a picture it .it will-send it to who you love for valitimes day. and for who you love for guiddances. and its high quality graphics! Plus there's no unnecessary stuff so its's perfect and runs smoothly on the Galaxy Note! My kids have had a blast with this app and my friends have enjoyed their cards!

How to install and Download Pirates of the Caribbean apk

Take your social gaming to a completely new level with Pirates of the Caribbean! Master of the Seas is the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay. Become a pirate as you create your ship, build your crew, and embark on quests wrapped around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.

How to install and Download NFL Flick Quarterback apk

This game is simply amazing on my galaxy s2. It's a fun game. Easy to use, easy to pick up and play, with a great premise. The only things holding this back are the fact that the flick controls when you are the quarterback aren't always responsive (which can be frustrating), and (for me anyways) it seems like there might be a game play mode or two missing (there are essentially only two modes; there are two trick shots and are regular mode). Gripes aside, Developer should create an entire football game using this engine . this is a good buy.

How to install and Download Anomaly Warzone Earth HD apk

I played the mac version of this game and was blown away! The graphics are crisp, the interface was beautifully designed, the voice works were top notch, and the game play was impressive. And the android version still has those greatness! Its a little though, instead of you placing towers around the path, you are the vehicles moving along thr path and you choose your path. Very cool and different offensive gameplay. Bought it on the first day without hesitation. worth every penny. Buy or download this game guys, you won't regret it! Great job devs! ;)

How to install and Download Osmos HD apk

I used to play this on iOS, and it's good to see it on android. This game requires in equal measures: strategy, skill, precision and patience. While delivering in depth of experience, variety, challenge and most importantly fun and value! Some level types swap the patience requirement for frantic, decisive, tactical, survival of the fittest action. At least try the demo to see if you like the game. Give it a chance and your appreciation for the game will likely keep growing as you master the different types of levels. Only drawback is that it seems to suck battery life more than most games.